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My ultimate luxury skincare regime

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As I approach my mid thirties and embark into motherhood Im very conscious of taking care of my skin. As a previous sunbed fanatic (true Essex style!) and years spent working in the sun in the equestrian industry, my skin is taking its toll. I never wear make up (unless on a night out) so I rely on my skin looking and feeling as great. So I can go about my day to day activities feeling confident and naturally attractive and well maintained. My favourite part of my ultimate luxury skincare regime is the 24karat gold monthly mask!!

Seriously though. I have wrinkles on my forehead and eyes from all that squinting in the sun. Sun spots also tarnish my complexion. I also have gained pigment darkening throughout my pregnancy (and skin tags but that’ll be another post!) Generally I just don’t feel I have particularly flawless skin…. with hereditary big pores across my T-zone to add.

To attempt to slow down and reverse the sun damage and weather worn palette, id like to share my ultimate luxury skincare regime. Elevatione Time Stops, repair your youth, by Salvador Dali. There are only 3 stockists in the whole UK, all based in London. You can find out how I stumbled upon them here. I started using the range throughout the second half of my pregnancy and I genuinely feel a million dollars. My skin is definitely more hydrated and overall complexion is brighter, smoother and softer.

The luxury range does come at a price but its worth every penny. I purchased almost £4000 of products for my face and body!

After feeling like I was looking old, I can now happily say that stepping out during the day Im a yummy mummy… even with no make-up! Here is my daily, weekly and monthly regime…..

Luxury skincare



AM regime

Firstly in the morning I apply  Eye Bless Calming Creme  onto the skin over and around the eyes followed by….. Hold tight Daily Cream These two products are literally all I put on my face for during the day…skincare at its simplest! I scrape my hair off my face, chuck on my Ray Bans and I’m ready to tackle the day with my mini me Mildred!

luxury skincare


luxury skincare

PM regime

Then in the evening I pat Eye and Lip Firming Essence all around my lips and eye area… especially where crows feet appear.Then I apply the Skin Reformer Nightly Cream and I’m ready for bed!





WEEKLY regime Theres 4 consecutive steps…..I massage in the Foamy Milky Exfoliator and rinse then….


I apply the Gravitali Mask  which I leave on for about 10 minutes and then rinse off before applying….



Then I love the tingling sensation when I apply the 60 Seconds Firmax Mask which I then also rinse off… finishing finally with….


Lifting Creation Facial Serum which completes the weekly regime….. but…. the ultimate skincare treatment is the monthly gold mask…..!


Monthly regime I apply this indulgent 24 karat Mineral Smooth Gold Mask on and leave for a few minutes. Then I use the magnet to remove the gold fragments so that I can then massage in the remaining goodness.



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