Training for the Allstars International Modelling Competition

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Of course, we should all love ourselves as we are, but good exercise and eating clean has so many health benefits which in turn WILL make you feel better about yourself mentally and physically.


I’m just a regular person, I run my own business full time, happily married, own a big fat dog and have only done two bikini comps. I just fancied trying something different and I’m all about living life , trying new things, pushing yourself, meeting new people and working hard!

If you subscribe to my progress Newsletters on training for the All Stars International Modelling competition, its probably because you were inspired by my ‘13weeks to stage ready’ photos and would like to loose some Christmas weight or really kick start 2017 with a healthy new focus! Brilliant!


Of course, we should all love ourselves as we are…But training hard and eating clean Isn’t the same as ‘loosing weight because society says you are a better person, prettier and more attractive if you are thin’

Training hard and eating clean has so many health benefits which in turn WILL make you feel better about yourself mentally and physically 🙂

Anyways, after a lovely Christmas filled with lots of eating, I’m excited to be comp prepping again! Confident my program will work for me again and I’m happy to share it with you if you, but please remember:

  1.  I am not an expert in nutrition or fitness, I have picked up advice over the last couple of years and tailor made it to work for me.
  2. I will do my best to make the plan as easy as possible to read.
  3. I google… a lot… and there is sooo much advice and information overload out there. The truth is, different things work for different people… My program honestly may not be right for you… But hell, it may not be right for me either! But it got me results I was happy with and I enjoyed it!
  4. Please remember this program is based around MY weight , physique and Lifestyle. For example it focuses heavily on the lower body as my legs and glutes need more work. The diet is also very simple as it works better for MY eating habits and lifestyle. If you are someone that wants variety in their diet then my diet is not for you or you can just tweak it 🙂
  5. Im fully aware that weight training and fitness can be a lot more ‘scientific’ than my program… for example, which muscle groups should be trained together and in which order etc… But Im simply trying to look and feel good and have fun. Doing these competitions really is just a hobby!
  6. Some people will probably say you shouldn’t worry about weight as its “how you feel and your putting on muscle”…. But personally for me its a big factor….its up to you if you want to focus on your weight
  7. All that really matters is that I eat clean and train hard… but enjoy it too!!! Enjoy the journey!
    So the first steps this weekend are: (A) Im putting together an outline for my 17 week training programme along with the first weeks exercises which start Monday.(B) Taking my starting photos, weight and working out how much I want to loose and what this equates to weekly.
  8. Working out my diets starting macros (quantity of carbs, protein and fats)
  9. Food shopping…quantities based on macros.
  10. Order supplements that Ive run out of.

Sign up to my Newsletter to follow my progress, and I will put all the above information in, including the first weeks training, how to work out macros and how to convert macro allowance into the first weeks diet.

Don’t panic if all the macro stuff sounds confusing… Its the only bit of maths I do. One I’ve worked out a rough guideline of how many grams of Protein, Carbs and Fats I need to consume to start with then Its just a case of altering it over the weeks.  Easy peasy.


Cant wait to get started and share my journey with you!

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