time for a tack clear out

Its surprising what you accumulate for for your horses over the years! Always thinking that bit of tack might come in handy one day. But before you know it you end up with bridles and saddles and random bits of saddlery that you haven’t used in years. Its time to sort through it, but don’t despair, I can do it for you, It’s time for a tack clear out in that tack room and sell second hand


step one

Sort through all the tack in your tack room to decide what to keep, sell, give away or throw away. If tack is damaged it can be fixed but you need to decide wether its cost effective. You can buy tack so cheap nowadays people won’t pay a lot of money for second hand tack

Step two

Categorise the tack into how you want to sell it. It’s worth making up full bridles with reins and decide wether you want to sell items such as martingales separate. We had lots of spare flashes which we decided to sell as a bundle, as hopefully they will come in useful for a busy working yard (from experience I know how easily they get lost!)

Step three

Time to clean! This particular has been stored well and not mouldy, but I still took it all apart and thoroughly cleaned with a good saddle soap. Followed by leather conditioner and bracing the metal work. Finally pop any bridles back together and wrap neatly

Step four

Now photo everything against a plain light background. Number all the items and make an itinerary. This way it’s easier to know what’s what when you advertise and people enquire. I use sticky labels to number all bundles and tie items together with string.


Step five

Get everything listed for sale as many places as you can. Facebook marketplace, facebook groups, share to your newsfeed and use other selling platforms such as preloved. It can be easier to try and sell local as then there won’t be any postage fees, but you can charge these to the buyer.

Now everything from your tack room is up for sale you just have to make sure you are responsive to any messages and keep renewing any listings. It can be a really time consuming job trying to get tack sold so get in touch if you’d like it doing for you.

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