What is The Miss World Classic


So what is the MW Classic and why am I doing it?

The Miss World Classic has been co founded and created by two high profile experts in the modelling and fitness industry, Scott Horton and Natasha G Murray.

Both have a bountiful of credentials, a profuse amount to census here, but to coagulate, they are both leading pioneers, including proprietors and directors of modelling academies and agencies, body building federations and fitness competitions, clothing brands and supplement products…

Now, they have collaborated a unique Cross over across industries, in a world where fitness, fashion and health is closely integrated at the best of times, they are raising the bar, bringing red carpet and catwalk, promoting healthy lifestyle and encouragement of personal development….

They believe that their are many skills that can be learnt from the model and fitness industry that everyone can benefit from in their daily lives. Confidence is so important in life. Having the correct life skills opens doors for you. Whether in the corporate world , modelling and fitness world or in your personal lives.

The Pair know how important it is to love your body and be body proud, to walk and to know how to showcase your body and your personality at its best. To promote yourself in the best possible ways. This confidence will improve all areas of competitors life’s.

Mw classic really is to improve peoples lives and enjoy the reward of watching people grow, whilst giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the glitz and glamour and reap the rewards they gain from the experience and doors that open for them.

They are inspiring business professionals and entrepreneurs that know how to put on a great show and reap the benefits!

This competition is not part of the Miss World franchise, it’s a completely unique show in its own right. When people hear the title they immediately think beauty pageant, and World peace ….

But MW Classic is a broader body beautiful spectacular, yes it’s a beauty pageant of sorts… But what defines beauty? We are in a new age, where beautiful is not always slim and flawless…. Beauty is in all ages, shapes and sizes, slim, curvy, muscly…..different skin types, dark, light, blemished…..and may come adorned with body enhancements from tattoos, piercings, Plastic surgery….. However this is also a show of health, the competitors will have a history of sorts with healthy lifestyle…from models, bodybuilders, personal trainers…. promising varied physiques of athletes and other healthy individuals…

The contestants are all hand picked, the best of the best from their fields. Natasha and Scott have a keen eye for individuals that have worked hard or have over overcome severe challenges to get to were they are, giving them the opportunity to shine and possibly further their progress.


So where do I fit in to all this? My husband is military and I met Scott 2 years ago at a Military function, it was there scott planted the seed in my head for competing in Bikini competitions.

This was a turning point in my life. Here was a pioneer in the muscle bodybuilding industry, believing in me, believing I had something to offer. From there I went on the following year to compete in a model category competition at the Hercules Olympia 2015.


The process of training and networking was a life changing experience. As a sufferer of depression, eating disorders and lack of confidence, I had a roller coaster ride over the two years. The strict dieting, long hours training (on top of running my own business) and managing my medication for depression left me with severe highs and lows. I was still trying to find myself and what I wanted to do with my life. Learning what and who was important in my life and what and who were bad for my wellbeing.

The Hercules Olympia competition certainly helped my networking, which I’ve always believed to be a key element in life, but also allowing new opportunities….and gave me a taste of what I wanted in life to full fill it…
I then went on to meet Natasha where I was then given the great opportunity to compete at last years MW Classic…. Unfortunately I was going through a mentally tough time and decided to pull out.

But then I went on to participate in a naked Liberty photoshoot in a river…. A celebration of women’s bodies as they are, all sizes and shapes, inspiring me to surge forward with raising the awareness of mental illness and how we can still live a fulfilled life. I always thought I’d never make it to the top, because of my insecurities and ‘bad days’… But I was so wrong… It’s just about managing the bad days, and not being influenced by or around people who don’t accept or understand them.

Something inside me changed.I found my passion. I realised that I DID love my body and myself, but I also believe in being the best version of myself and healthy. I do love who I am. Yes, I have low days, I always will, but I CAN do this. I don’t have to ‘fit in’ with everybody, it doesn’t matter if not everyone likes me, or understands me, so long as I’m true to myself. I realised what and who are important in life. I enjoy training, and the excitement of a competition coming up! Attending meetings for dress fabric shopping, fitness and fashion, promoting my sponsor, gown and shoe shopping, posing practise….

I love love love all the networking that goes with it! I love managing my business, I love blogging and reviewing all the great places I’m visiting and products I’m coming across on the journey…. And I love inspiring other women with mental illness that they too can fullfill their lives…. (I will be doing a separate blog on my history of mental illness….)
I’m so thankful I’ve been hand picked as a competitor for The MW Classic again this year, and proud to be promoting natural beauty and health, I have no body enhancements, steroid free, and no Botox. Now I commend those that do have enhancements, I know in most cases it’s not a decision taken lightly, and some of us benefit hugely with their mental confidence…but I’m doing this to inspire women to be happy with themselves, wrinkles and cellulite, warts and all. We are all beautiful the way we are and we should be confident in ourselves.

So if you want a night of glamour, fine dining and a taste of the high end lifestyle… Or to feel inspired to be fitter, healthier or successful… Then come and watch the MW Classic, it’s a showcase not to be missed! Visit for tickets and information


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