The Big Feastival and 10 reasons you should go

My husband I were determined to get to a festival this year but normal festivals are a no-go now we have our 6mnth daughter Mildred. From our experiences we have found that there is a lot of drugs, swearing and urine throwing at the average summer fest, no place for a baby. However we just wouldn’t want to go to a festival without her now!!  so we found an amazing children friendly feastival. Even if you don’t have children its still a great event.

Read on for more details of The Big Feastival and 10 reasons why you should go.


We want to give Mildred amazing childhood memories and I was determined to get her to her first festival this year.

We absolutely loved this festival when we saw it online. Its on Alex James farm (The guy from the music band Blur , whom is well known also for making cheese). There was so much going on at this event- great music, popular chef tv personalities and children entertainment….I was quite overwhelmed by the fantastic website and all the stuff they had on over the 3 days.

We only wanted to do one day, so just got a day ticket for the Sunday as I really wanted to see Paloma Faith and Tom Odell on the main stage.  We really weren’t bothered about camping as part of the ‘fest experience’. Dillons spent 25 years in the army roughing it and I’ve lived out of horses boxes… so these days we really do prefer a bit of luxury, opting to book a lovely air bnb nearby. (More on that in a later post).

After a splendid spring and summer of hot weather, the festival weekend arrived. we were highly amused that it was forecast to rain all day on the Sunday alone , sods law, but hey, whats a festival without a little rain! The Big Feastival and 10 reasons you should go

The weather didn’t disappoint. Oh it rained alright, proper big man rain all day without any breaks! Im not going to lie, it did suck a bit. Everybody huddled under available shelter… stalls, marquees… and I think most campers stayed put in their tents until early evening. The fields were pretty quiet all day. Until the rain finally eased about 5 o’clock and people suddenly seemed to the flood the venue.

We put on our big girl pants and  stayed all day, in the rain. (Go us) When the skies cleared, the  atmosphere really got buzzing but we had to make our exit as Mildred had done 9 hours in the carrier by then so it was time to get her back….… we stayed to watch Tom Odell but Paloma wasn’t on until last,  so I never did end up seeing her perform… We did walk past her on our way out though, as she was heading to the main stage, pushing her pram with her entourage (family I think) so down to earth, walking amongst the public with her shiny silver leggings. I should of asked for a selfie.. but Ive never been that person!

As we bundled in the car, muddy wellies and boots, we were all still smiling. We really had such a great time, despite it raining all day!

So heres my low down on The Big Feastival and 10 reasons you should go!

  1. Entertainment for young children. There is literally so much going on! Cookery classes, welly wanging, painting, games, dancing, bubble blowing, face painting, jam sessions, yoga, woodcrafts,  percussion workshops, broadway, karate, meet and greets with pepper pig, my little pony and more, making fairy wands, stilt walking and tight wire workshops, sports, drama, interactive play, animal petting, circus school, tree climbing, water bucket relays, family quits, knitting, vintage funfair, roaming performers, tv stars dick and Tom, Justin fletcher, Andy and the odd socks…. The list is endless!The Big Feastival and 10 reasons you should go
  2. Cant miss out the big one… The music!!! Great line ups on the main stages, also including Craig David, Basement Tax, Clean Bandit, Rak-Su, James Arthur, Artful Dodger, Melanie C. The udder stage had great BBC introducing acts while the Band stand had acoustic, sing alongs and humour.The Big Feastival and 10 reasons you should go
  3. It wouldn’t be called a Feastival without a feast! From dozens of street food stalls to fuel your day, to cookery master classes with over 20 top chefs including Marco Pierre White, Raymond Blanc, Gennaro Contaldo, Masterchefs pip Lacey and Andi Oliver.The Big Feastival and 10 reasons you should go
  4. Then theres showcasing of the local and beyond handmade produce. I was thrilled to stumble upon a baby friendly ketchup by Kidchup, which is salt free and low sugar.The Big Feastival and 10 reasons you should go
  5. The Open all hours parent and baby pitstop is a godsend with a breastfeeding and nappy changing area. Because it was pouring with rain it was great to have indoor space for the babies to roll about on matts, have a stretch and play. Theres also microwaves for warming bottles and baby food and toiletries supplies.The Big Feastival and 10 reasons you should go
  6. Theres phone charging lockers, so you can safely leave your phones locked away while they charge, particularly useful for campers or people like me who run their batteries down taking photos!
  7. The overall running of the event was all on point. Really well sign posted… ok sounds like a boring thing to highlight but theres nothing worse than driving round in circles or following a postcode that is sending you to the wrong destination.  Regular email updates leading up to the festival. Im massive into customer service, so the weather updates and the like were a nice little touch to keep you feeling welcome. The overall layout, well staffed, well prepared, rubber matting put out in key muddy areas.
  8. A festival is not complete without glitter! And the Juno girls couldn’t of been more perfect. The perfect girly experience! They stole Mildred away from me and all sat on cushions, playing with her while they got me glittered up! It really was quite magical! And what a perfect excuse to get out of the rain.The Big Feastival and 10 reasons you should go
  9. Stunning area. Located in the Cotswolds, this truly is a stunning part of the English countryside. The buildings everywhere are just gorgeous so its a real must to take advantage of being in the area by taking a trip into Burford for a brew or pint!The Big Feastival and 10 reasons you should go
  10. A bit sad I know but having a pot of tea with a tea cosy was a real highlight for me haha… Nothing better than a pot of tea… especially when its raining all day and your in a field in the cold and wet.The Big Feastival and 10 reasons you should go

My only criticism was that there just wasn’t enough decent coffee stalls! Baring in mind its a family festival I would of thought most adults were screaming for a coffee like us! But maybe I’m just being finicky because it was cold and wet all day.

One things for sure, we are definitely making this feastival an annual family tradition, and we can’t wait till Mildred can enjoy the activities more xx

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