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How to get skin like a celebrity!


When my mum had a skincare promotion pop up on her Social Media she eagerly told me about this state of the art beauty centre. I love trying new products and treatments and was in need for a luxury pamper so agreed to go with her. I wanted to know how to get skin like a celebrity and this place had all the celebs going there! Any excuse for a trip to London, my favourite City.

The Centre Smooth You, delighted me with its pure clinical decor with chic vibe. The staff, equally matched the interior- clinical and well polished women. The kind of perfect women that you want to buy their products and treatments if it will transform you to the same perfection. A clever yet devious marketing strategy I ponder?Wondering if when they interview for new employees, they reject imperfect women? Surly that would be discrimination in this crazy society?

I wasn’t able to have a selection of the treatments as I was in my first trimester of pregnancy. So the girls suggested a deep tissue rejuvenating , collagen restoring treatment . So we chose the LED therapy face mask, following suit of the likes of Kourtney Kardashian, Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba, . Who doesn’t love a facial at the best of times? And this 24k gold treatment sounded like pure indulgence! On top of its deep tissue rejuvenating , collagen restoring treatment benefits.

I had such a luxury experience at the beauty centre. I was thrilled with immediate results and I really felt like I had skin like a celebrity! Im approaching my mid thirties and years of working with show jumping horses, in the sun all day has taken its toll on my skin. Especially when working in the likes of Florida, Canada, Portugal and Spain etc. The treatment has so many benefits. These included eliminating toxins, and after even just the one appointment I could feel the improvements.

The beauty consultant discussed with mum and I their products and I purchased £4000 of products! I spoiled myself and wanted to turn back the hands of time so I opted for face and body products, with baby on the way I knew my body was going to need some extra TLC! Read about my new regime here!

Find out more about the products I purchased and my new skincare regime with Elevatione repair your youth range.By Salvador Dali.


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