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Compete in the miss world classic

compete in the miss world classic

A whirlwind of Glamour, Excitement and Networking, entwined with hard work, dedication and learning. Read on to find out more of whats involved in getting ready to step on stage, what you gain from the experience and why I think YOU should compete in The miss World classic!


Why did I decide to compete in the Miss World Classic
I wish I had of taken up modelling when i was younger, but never had the opportunity. I didn’t have a support network to guide me in the right direction, I didn’t know how to start, nor did we have the money to invest in portfolios or travelling.

Now in my thirties, I questioned myself why had I wanted to try modelling? It wasn’t because I wanted to be the next Kate Moss, but because I wanted to look and feel good. To meet new people, visit new places, have some nice photos. To just feel like Ive worked hard and achieved something amazing.…. As it turns out, you don’t need to be a model for that, because there is a booming fitness industry which ticks all the boxes!
Im all about living live to the full, I want to be able to lie on my deathbed and know that I didn’t have any regrets. I had to do this! Also, read more about why I chose this competition in particular and my mental challenge reasons here

Training and Nutrition

I regularly go to the gym but often loose focus so I enlisted the help of several coaches over the last couple of years. But I really struggled sticking to their plans. They just didn’t work around my business, with my lifestyle or eating habits. I had to give myself a talking too, I had to focus if I wanted to compete in The Miss World Classic and look and feel good.

So when I reached the 13 weeks away point I sat down and devised my own plan. I needed to focus on what times where best for me to train and prepare my food. What foods I had time to eat when. I also needed to workout which key exercises I wanted to include and put into a rota, to ensure I didn’t miss anything out.

I had to workout how many macros I needed to consume daily and how much weight I needed to loose whilst maintaining muscle. I had gained a lot of tips from previous coaches so incorporated their different methods into my plan. As well as doing my own research online and speaking with friends and experts.

I lost over 2 stone in 13 weeks! But 7lbs of that was carefully manipulated water weight in the final week.

You can Sign up to my newsletters to follow my competition preparation training and Nutrition plan!


Dress, bikini, Accessories and Shoes

I am in love with naked dresses at the moment, but let’s face it, unless we are celebrities on the red carpet then there’s not may occasions we can pull off a see through dress!

To compete in the Miss World Classic was my chance to fulfill my dream, and luckily the naked dress was in season.
I visited several local gown shops but to no avail, so I scoured the internet. My favourites were Charbel Couture and The Water Collection. But firstly they were well out of my price range, and also, there were different elements to several gowns that I wanted, but none of them ticked every box.
The answer was obvious… I was going to have to get one hand made! I enlisted the help of a Dressmaker, Sarah Day. An unconventional designer. Her niche was more historic dress ware, and she had a love for road kill and feathers…. but I adored her and her quirkiness!
With a looming deadline, we had our work cut out, deciding on fabrics, the final design and fittings. The key elements I wanted were, a low cut open back, narrow straps, exposed sternum, nude colour, fitted, long train, diamanté covering pelvic area.

Being smaller breasted, I hadn’t wanted bra support, as I was promoting embracing our bodies as they are. However, the dress didn’t look right with my nipples half way down my torso (damn these saggy boobs!) So we decided on underwire, which then led to having to bridge across the sternum to support the dress.

There was a lot of tweaking to do, and Sarah did an amazing job of strategically placing the diamanté and embellishments to enhance my curves and make the dress sit right.

I wanted to carry the nude naked theme for the bikini round too, so Sarah used the same material and fixings for the bra and bottoms. the nude bra didn’t cover very well with the see through mesh so Sarah lined with gold …. which ultimately resulted in a ‘golden’ finish.


We noticed that there was definitely a strong sense of the gold embellishments pushing through on the dress too and decided to run with it, opting for gold Jewellery. Sarah cleverly suggested on a pendant to hang down my back.

I never wear jewellery! Even for an evening do, which is silly really. The right necklace or earrings completes a look…. but I’m just so rubbish at accessorising! So when it came to buying jewellery for my outfits it was torture! I paced the shops trying to decide what matched, but I felt drawn to wearing jewellery round my forearms and biceps… there was definitely a ‘warrior princess theme evolving here!

I opted for the clear plastic posing shoes for both rounds, my thought process being they elongated my legs in a bikini and you couldn’t see them under my dress anyway… and because my dress was so fine, it glided easily over the smoothness of the shoe, without it snagging.



Ok so I hold my hands up… I do like a sunbed, and I used them a couple of times a week to build up a good natural tan. I genuinely feel better about myself when I have a tan…. there’s something that comforts me in that sun kissed look, maybe nostalgia of all my summers spent in the beating sun with the horses?

But also it just makes my skin look more toned and healthier… I’m also like a lizard, and could just sit basking in the sun soaking up the happy endorphins!

I also had a professional spray tan on the morning of the competition by A1 tanning. It really gave me that extra glow and made a fast improvement to my overall skin tone to compete in the Miss World Classic.


Posing and stage presence

I spent several hours a week extra in the gym, where there are floor to ceiling mirrors, practicing walking in heels! Standing at 5’11 I hardly ever wear them and when I do I opt for shorter heels. But I’d chosen 4 inch for the comp to make my all ready long legs look even longer, but not at the cost of walking odd! I walked up and down that gym studio endlessly!
I found out the stage set up for the competition and the posing requirements so I could practice my exact turns, facial expressions, angle of poses and transitions.
I videoed myself too, and walked around my house in heels, practice practise practise.
Because the comp is a mix of beauty pageant, body building and catwalk, there were 3 completely different genres to theme my walk and posing on… and I fell in love with the Victoria secret runway girls! I watched endless videos!
I also paid for posing coaching with a bikini comp professional, ready to compete in The Miss World Classic.

Hair, Make up and Beauty

I Wanted to stand out in The Miss World Classic and we were also being judged on overall appearance. I noted that many girls opt for hair extensions and wear their hair down, straight or with loose bouncy curls…. and then there were the girls that wore their hair up like wedding hair.

I googled so many images of quirky hairstyles and was really feeling the Mohican styles, so I booked in with my regular hairstylists to practice one of the styles, then booked her to come to the venue on the day of the comp.
I also booked a practice make up session with a make up artist to come to my home, where we played around with plum tones to go with the original nude look…. luckily the plum theme carried over nicely with the gold.
A full leg, armpit and bikini wax was booked for a few days before the show, a long with an eyebrow shape and tint. And I opted for a plum nail varnish on my extensions.
A great skin routine was a must for looking and feeling healthy, I really recommend Bio oil daily for the body with a massage pad for 5 mins after to stimulate blood flow and reduce the appearance of cellulite.
Nightly facial pads and oil and moisturiser in the morning.



When you compete in The Miss World classic, the show recommends getting a sponsor to cover the entry fee, as its extra media coverage and great for exposure for both parties. I got my sponsor with power up magazine Bahrain, in exchange for their name being mentioned whilst I was on stage, they did an article on me and I also had their logo printed onto my hoody and joggers that I wore at the show.


The MWC is hosted at five lakes, a 5 star hotel located in the stunning Essex countryside…. I didn’t have to book a room as it’s only 10 minutes from my home!


Registration and Rehearsals 
We arrived  at 8AM for registration and had all day there, and the time went so quickly, sorting the final details. As the show didn’t start till the PM there were a couple of practice sessions during the day,I took advantage on both of these. To get a feel for the stage and what the other competitors were doing.

My friends had rooms where I got my hair and make up done, I also had to get my spray tan applied, and make sure I ate every couple of hours….. before we knew it the guests were arriving!

I did myself a checklist of things to take with me, including headphones and blankets (incase I wanted to chill out and snooze) food, stage wear, after party clothes, safety pins (just incase) money etc. I was ready to compete in The Miss World classic!


Competitors and Categories

As well as the overall prizes first to third placings for The Miss World Classic, the contestants were split into age groups with first to third placings. There was also individual prizes for Miss Fashion Model, Miss bikini model, Best walk, Fitness Model, and Miss Tattoed.
These shows are so great to make new friends and network. There was such a great atmosphere in the build up to the show on our group chats and behind the scenes. We all supported each other, helping each other into outfits, boosting each other’s moral and generally just supporting each other.



I was extremely excited that I had almost 20 of my wonderful friends and family coming to watch, which added to the excitement during the build up! It was as big a night for them as it was for me! They had to organise their hair and make up, gowns and hotels etc. They showed me their FB group chat that they had going on the build up to the show, it was hilarious!

And they totally blew the roof off the venue with their cheering… I can honestly say they made the show for me… initially I was really nervous about them all coming in case I looked rubbish on the day or tripped over lol but they gave me so much confidence!

Luckily, they were all sat near the judges at the end of the runway, and their cheering gave me an xtra bounce in my step, so I was able to use them as my focus to not freeze up in front of the judges. I hope I’ve inspired them to compete in The Miss World Classic, they would love it!


Realistically, you can prepare for this show on a big or small budget. Although I didn’t have thousands to spend, I wanted to really enjoy the whole process, and know I’d done everything I could to look and feel great, so opted for paying to have my beauty treatments, hair, make up tan, handmade dress, sponsored clothing etc,
But you honestly can’t put a price on the fun and memories of doing a show like this
For me it was Priceless choosing to compete in The Miss World classic.

After Party

A quick costume change and I was able to unwind and celebrate with friends after the show, and a great opportunity to network with the Judges and Sponsors. Although by this point I was knackered, my feet were killing me and everyone was very drunk whilst I was sober lol but it was fab seeing everyone have a great time.


What I gained from the whole experience

Winning the miss fashion model award was amazing! But to be recognised for all the hard work and planning that went into my preparation topped off the whole experience! I also made new friends and acquaintances and had a great evening with my friends.
The fun, glamour and excitement of preparing for the show was priceless.
But the real prize was what I learnt about myself, the dedication and will power I have to achieve a goal, and I gained valuable experience in training and nutrition, branding, media and more, from all the research I did along the way, and from friendly advice.
I cannot express enough how much you learn! Valuable life experience! This is why I think you should compete in  The miss World Classic!




The reason I recomend this particular competition, The Miss world classic, is because its a celebration of all body types, whatever age, shape or height you are, or what scars or tattoos you have! Its about being the best version of yourself…. I personally advocate natural beauty, no plastic surgery or even hair extensions… just yourself, as you are! But also totally understand that if you want to do those things because it helps you, then thats great too!

No, its not about comparing yourself to others, or having judges tell you wether your good enough… its about the process, what you find out about yourself on the journey!

Why enter a competition though I hear you say? Because you test yourself, your discipline, you push yourself and see your body and your mind grow healthier… and you make friends, you try new life experiences, you get to feel glamorous! 10 years ago I never thought I’d have the courage to stand in front of so many people, all eyes on me, because of my anxiety and my self worth was so low. My confidence has grown so much, the more I push the boundaries the more Ive blossomed and embraced who I am!

Theres much speculation around wether Bikini competitions are healthy for women to do, physically and mentally. Personally, I’ve learnt so much about how fragile and sensitive our bodies are to even small nutrition manipulations which has helped me realise how bad my Bulimia was, and the importance of a healthy diet.

So glad I’ve ticked this off my bucket list! Now its your turn to compete in The miss World classic!


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