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My ultimate luxury skincare regime

skincare, luxury

As I approach my mid thirties and embark into motherhood Im very conscious of taking care of my skin. As a previous sunbed fanatic (true Essex style!) and years spent working in the sun in the equestrian industry, my skin is taking its toll. I never wear make up (unless on a night out) so I rely on my skin looking and feeling as great. So I can go about my day to day activities feeling confident and naturally attractive and well maintained. My favourite part of my ultimate luxury skincare regime is the 24karat gold monthly mask!! Continue Reading

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How to get skin like a celebrity!


When my mum had a skincare promotion pop up on her Social Media she eagerly told me about this state of the art beauty centre. I love trying new products and treatments and was in need for a luxury pamper so agreed to go with her. I wanted to know how to get skin like a celebrity and this place had all the celebs going there! Any excuse for a trip to London, my favourite City. Continue Reading

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Depression and Bulimia

depression and bulimia

I question myself all the time wether I should be so open about my depression and bulimia. What are the pros and the cons? Strong arguments for both cases in my head…..

Mostly I worry people will think Im weird or think less of me. But thats what spurs me on. People shouldn’t think less of someone because they have mental health challenges.

But mostly Im doing it purely because thats who I am. I’m honest and wear my heart on my sleeve. And I believe we shouldn’t have to hide or pretend who we are. Continue Reading

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Taming the mind

taming the mind

Sane new world, Taming the Mind

By Ruby Wax

Ruby wax, Who once had a glittering career as a comedian , (she will be sat conjuring up ways to kill me slowly for phrasing that in such an unadorned manner) now boasts a degree in mindfulness based cognitive therapy from oxford university, and gives us an insight into ‘taming the mind’. Continue Reading


Embrace your body with a Liberty experience

Embrace your body with a Liberty experience

Embrace your body with a Liberty experience

So… did it go…….I can honestly say ive never felt so liberated!!! Dimples and Daisies Photography are so much more than photographers, they are therapy,they are empowering women, healing our self doubt, soothing our crazy thoughts with lucidity.
On immediate greeting from the team you feel at ease, they have a mature, wise before their years persona yet young and carefree, as they slomp about in the mud and water spills over the top of their wellies.
Champagne bottles are splayed across the grass and the make up girls giggle away as they warmly tease each other. Continue Reading