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How to up-do your fire place

How to up-do your fire place from a sad dark misery into a white stylish feature piece. Brightening not only your room but your wellbeing. 

If your lucky enough to have a fireplace its safe to say that they are the centre piece to a room. Now whilst some of us are blessed with a gorgeous hearthside or wood burner, many have to make do with what they have. Particularly if in rented accommodation or limited funds. Read on for a step to step guide how to up-do yours.

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Taming the mind

taming the mind

Sane new world, Taming the Mind

By Ruby Wax

Ruby wax, Who once had a glittering career as a comedian , (she will be sat conjuring up ways to kill me slowly for phrasing that in such an unadorned manner) now boasts a degree in mindfulness based cognitive therapy from oxford university, and gives us an insight into ‘taming the mind’.

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Choosing a gown at Jeneveve

In the quest to find a dress for the Miss World Classic I have been scouring the online search engines. I’m not familiar with gown shops in Colchester, always favouring Debenhams for its ‘under one roof’ appeal.Several times a year I go dress shopping generally, for ‘mess do’s’… amazing husband is in the army and we have evening functions to attend. I was keen to see what gowns were available locally first, but was unsure of the names of retailers. I was quick to hit the search engine on the trusty Internet… But page after page was wedding dresses, prom dresses, party dresses….
Dress styles that have been around forever! Oh for the love of god it was so depressing, the same old bog standard dresses that you see year after year, same old styles, same old material, same old colours!I was looking for something out of this world! Something, sexy, revealing, eye catching, breathtaking…. Different!
One of my fabulous girlfriends, Lisa, whom I envy for her effortless style and beauty, suggested I try choosing a gown at Jeneveve, and she quickly and kindly, with no prompting, pulled up their website on the work reception computer. Her big blue eyes sparkled as she proceeded to list their collections, her blonde hair tied back effortlessly, and her pink lipstick looking flawless.

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