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Is it possible to have a career as a Military Spouse?

… Absolutely!

With hard work, commitment and planning, a career is possible. Albeit there must be flexibility involved and mutual respect between spouses. Read on to find out how I planned and developed my career to fit in around being a Military wife.

Originating from the skirts of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, I had a career working with International Showjumping horses 11 years ago, when I met my now husband, Dillon.

Having recently returned from a year in Florida and Canada grooming for Olympic rider Eric Lamaze I was keen to work the Europe circuit so took on a head groom role for a ranked top 20 show jumper in Essex.

We competed all over in Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany…. often for up to 6 weeks at a time, but with my new relationship with Dillon blossoming and him being posted in Catterick, we were struggling to see each other and we realised something had to give.

I’d always planned on an equine career ‘less hands on’ and more ‘sociable ‘ hours so took my first steps towards equestrian and rural property.

As a live in groom It meant leaving my job required somewhere new to live but one of our friends was due to tour Afghan for 6 months and needed someone to look after his flat, so it was an ideal residence for me to stay and Dillon to visit back and forth from Catterick….

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