Body Building with Cerebral Palsy inspiration

Body Building with Cerebral Palsy inspiration

The inspiring Joshua Whipday I believe everything happens for a reason and that we meet people in our lives for a reason. We encounter these events or people and they shift events or perception in the current… They make an impact. Amazing Body Building with Cerebral Palsy inspiration.
As a competitor for the Miss World Classic we have the opportunity to have a banner made with our own photo uploaded onto it to promote ourselves, and it so happens that this young man Joshua, is the face behind the screen in making it happen.
We exchanged a few messages as I gratefully thanked him for such a cheery, polite, prompt service. The photo I sent for uploaded was one of me in my posing bikini at Hercules Gym and Joshua gushed how old school the gym looked. As it happens Hercs Gym, then owned by Scott Horton, was very well known for its Old School vibe, attracting the true bodybuilders to its cavelike and Viking set up. A gym which was adorned with photos of Hero’s and heroines that had graced it’s inner walls and the big stages, pictures of pin up girls and all sorts of skulls and trinkets gathering dust gracefully. The gym was not posh, clean and by no means modern… But it had character, atmosphere and a warming charm that cannot be matched by any of these new age gyms.
So when I mentioned to Joshua it was Scott Hortons old gym where I used to train last year he replied that he knew the big man as he did his first disability competition at Hercules Olympia!! I exclaimed how great that was whilst contemplating wether it would be rude to enquire as to what was his disability. I am not a socially awkward character when confronted by disability, having many friends and acquaintances throughout the years who are impaired.
With a quick scroll of Joshua’s photos I could see his amazing photos on bodybuilding stages, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on his disability. So I politely asked and was astounded that he has Cerebral palsy. Wow, I can’t even imagine how much work Joshua has to exert to train his muscles, or the courage he has to get on stage and be judged with a condition that many people don’t understand.
There’s me, worrying about day to day trivia, stressing about getting up for the gym, going to work, what I look like…. And there’s Joshua, with his crippling condition, fulfilling his dreams regardless of the hand he’s been dealt, and totally rocking it!!
I open up to Joshua of my own insecurities on the countdown to my competition, and he replies with ‘We all have our problems and bad days, it’s how we react and overcome that counts’ ….
Think about that for a moment.
I’ve read many a meme and quotes with similar meaning, but to hear it from someone as inspiring as Joshua makes it so much more meaningful. I thought about it for some lengthily time after.
I’m not saying to compare your own life to someone who has a disability or who’s life is harder, because everyone has their own battles and level of perception. But it’s not about the problem… It’s how we deal with it. We can let it beat us or overcome it.
Thank you so much Joshua, it takes seeing examples of such feat to truly absorb the meaning of such a quote.
Your words came at a time they were much needed and I’ve thought about them almost every day when I’ve faced challenges. I wish you all the success and fulfilment in the world and hope your coming to the Miss World Classic!!
To all contestants don’t forget to get your own banners done via Joshua!

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