AirB&B, The Artists Cotswolds garden Cottage


This was my first AirB&B stay. I was sceptical when my husband wanted to stay somewhere from there. I just thought it was some hippie fad. People renting out shabby rooms for a quick buck? But regardless of that, I also thought it’s a delicious insight into people’s worlds whilst staying in some stunning quirky locations. And I love new experiences!

If you love peaceful and cultured places to stay then find out more about  AirB&B, The Artists Cotswolds garden cottage 

We needed somewhere to stay in the Cotswolds near chipping norton for The Big Feastival. We found buried in the small village of Chadlington a gorgeous self contained garden wing.

We arrived at our home for the next 2 nights. I felt at ease straight away when Jill answered the door, well dressed and spoken, her proper up-bringing radiated through her. A quick chat to break the ice and we were swiftly shown around our accommodation.AirB&B

Quite simply the annexe has the appearance of converted outbuildings, attached to jills house via the stone flagged conservatory. This itself, was a welcoming breakfast room, slash boot and coat utility. The annexe compromised of two rooms and a shower room. 


The shower was nothing special but it did its job and had character, and I respectfully noted the royal anniversary invitation to Jill from prince Charles, on the wall.AirB&B

The first room was set as a living space, featuring a bookcase adorned with fiction and non fiction. A small sofa, tv and tea making area finished of this space. It had a cosy feel to it with its deep red feature wall.F82B8FA6-0C8C-4B63-BAFB-2AFD75D3D99F

 Then you stepped down into the bedroom.AirB&B

But oh my this room was heavenly! what a perfect space! The king size bed with its crisp white linen sheets with its cute buttons. The shabby chic bedside tables and antique lamps.

I totally fell in love with the curtains and curtain pole! It was the chunkiest curtain pole I had ever seen! And the curtains, thick and heavy, draped romantically across the floor boards. Their hemming was rolled beautifully and complementary framed the double doors that led onto the beautiful garden.AirB&B AirB&B

Gardening books and Cotswolds reads were caringly placed for guests to read.AirB&B

The white walls and furnishings in this little annex married the wall art perfectly.B3119CDE-CF82-43DE-B42F-256D90592FBD

I know nothing about art so forgive me if my wording is off. But The landlady Jill is an artist, mostly working with live models and abstracts. her work hangs mesmerising in the annexe and I’m transfixed particularly by the figure paintings. There’s something so captivating with nude art. It makes me question societies view on nudity, on limits, evolution of what is acceptable. It provokes my views on feminism which I shan’t go into here.881D2D70-B972-415E-815D-53C89E8F8F6E

Which then even turns into questioning our existence. How bizarre for a painting to stir so many thoughts? But then I suppose that’s what art is all about?28433C59-35EC-4539-8A3A-29723CC099ED

It also makes me want to know more about the subject. Who they are, how they got into this kind of modelling, their views on life. But I’m fascinated in general by quirky people’s life’s anyway.AAC0BCA7-1103-4AE9-93FF-D3EFCC78D5CD

I’m thinking of asking Jill if she can paint me!

Anyway, the zen in this place was on point. And we loved swinging open the bedrooms double doors onto the garden in the morning. There was plenty of cot space and room for Mildred to roll around safely too.F73AACAA-E608-4F3E-8EE3-ACBCF778AA10

Jill was the perfect host. Our breakfasts of croissants, fresh red berries and yoghurt started of our days dreamily. And even after it had rained all day at the festival, after washing as much glitter out of my hair as possible , we tucked up with a takeaway Indian and watched a movie, whilst Mildred slept peacefully.C77C5094-A0DA-4F9A-B3E0-1B3A8D0737EC

The village itself was perfectly quiet for us too, with a short drive to Burford village which bustled with pubs and cafes.

So overall our stay was perfectly balanced and we loved our air b&b experience …

So if you decide to stay at The Artists Cotswolds Garden Cottage, I apologise for any jovial pink glitter exhibiting within the zen space!

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