Full service lifestyle management and personal assistance giving you the luxury of time.

My goal — actually, my happiness — comes from making your life easier, happier, and more fulfilling.

A lifestyle concierge is a personal service designed to help you balance your lifestyle, work and family life. 

We will complete your ‘to do list’ 
It’s a service that can support you in all areas of your life – either personally or if you run a business – making your schedule harmonious and freeing you up to spend time on what matters most. 

So, if you find yourself time poor, needing more hours in the day or not enough time to spend with family and friends, a lifestyle concierge is for you. 

About me

 If you asked anyone that knows me to describe me they would probably say im….

‘such a nice person, hard working, polite, friendly, empathetic, loyal’

I really do love just being a nice person and I’m often told I’m too nice! Ive finally decided to put my personality into good use and do what I enjoy doing for a living. So make a career out of helping people and being nice! As well as organising things, tidying up, photography and writing.

Of course my life evolves around my mini me Mildred and the horses, so I do tend to share our little magical world of tweed and tiaras




My background

37 year old Rebecca lives with her Military husband and their 4year old daughter .

Rebecca spent a large amount of her career working all around the world in the equestrian industry with international show jumping horses. Including working with Canadian Eric Lamaze – winner of the Bejing Olympics 2008.

Having successfully managed stables for a number of years, Rebecca turned to the equestrian property market gaining even more knowledge and experience.

A new opportunity to turn her hand to dog grooming, Rebecca opened her own dog grooming business. Now called Doggroomology, to represent the advanced health innovation behind each dog groom, with her knowledge and training in animal welfare, customer care, animal presentation and business management, it is no surprise the business is flourishing.

Never one to shy away from hard work, she enjoyed weight training for Bikini Competitions, and won The Miss Fashion Model title at the Miss World classic 2016, and got 2 third places at Miami Pro in 2020

Rebecca has spent the last four years, loving life as a full time mum, running her dog grooming business from across the country, working part time also with horses, and dog grooming in her own time. Her hobbies include producing her own horses, buying ex race horses and bringing them on for R0R.