About Me

Embrace your body with a Liberty experience

“I created The Ardor Collection for many reasons.

Ultimately I wanted to express myself, and what I stand for. Embracing our minds and bodies, fulfilling life and etiquette, to name a few.

My Bikini competition preparations actually inspire people…..and I feel that if we have the opportunity to inspire and help people then we should! However, fitness and healthy eating is not something that always comes easily to me. And I think its very important, when sharing a certain ‘image’, that people understand there are lows as well as highs!

Also I have affection for great customer and product service, as well as etiquette in all walks of life. In a society where there is often a lack of consumer care, good manners and respect, I personally try to go above and beyond to treat my clients and people how I would like, and expect to be treated. So when I stumble across places, services and people who share the same ethos as I do, I want to give the commendation they deserve.”

As a sufferer of depression and a relapsing eating disorder, Rebecca founded MILA, Mental illness lucid association. To inspire other women to embrace their mind and body, fulfill their lives and raise the awareness of mental illness. Where she encourages women to share their stories, and capture their emotions in beautiful photoshoots.

33 year old Rebecca lives with her Military husband and their much loved dog, 9 year old Mastiff Blue.

Rebecca spent a large amount of her career working all around the world in the equestrian industry with international show jumping horses. Including working with Canadian Eric Lamaze – winner of the Bejing Olympics 2008.

Having successfully managed stables for a number of years, Rebecca turned to the equestrian property market gaining even more knowledge and experience.

A new opportunity to turn her hand to dog grooming, Rebecca opened her own dog grooming business. Now called doggroomology, to represent the advanced health innovation behind each dog groom, with her knowledge and training in animal welfare, customer care, animal presentation and business management, it is no surprise the business is flourishing.
With such a strong brand, she is expanding the business with additional parlours and franchising.

Never one to shy away from hard work, In her spare time she enjoys weight training for Bikini Competitions, and won The Miss Fashion Model title at the Miss World classic 2016

Rebecca shares her nutrition and training programs via her newsletters, so be sure to sign up if you would like to know how she gets in shape for her bikini competitions.

Rebecca speaks with fondness and passion for all lifestyle topics, from Day to day living, physical and mental health, to a variety of Events, Destinations and Business revelations.

She advocates great customer service and good business, believing that such brands with these work ethics deserve the opportunity to be praised to wider audiences.

Oozing with thoughts and words, she chose to express her Ardor through writing in her own Collection.

If you would like to feature in the collection please contact Rebecca, she would love to hear from you and collaborate