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    I will pay attention to your feelings and emotions, and not put you down. I will listen to your problems and you can talk to me as one of your true friends. Whatever is on your mind… fear, shame or guilt, I don’t judge.

    I’m an empath, open-minded, kind, positive, comprehensive, a good listener. Feel free to talk to me about a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g : a family situation, your health, anxiety, fear, stress, limited beliefs, life, relationships…

    I will attentively listen to all you have to say.

    I believe that now, more than ever- people are experiencing a sense of loneliness, and sadness. I want to help uplift you and brighten your day. You can talk to me about anything and of course- it remains confidential. I have both texting, phone call and video call packages available.


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    PERSONAL LIFESTYLE CONCIERGE Services include: running errands organising and tidying up personal organising filing documents dry cleaning drop off/pick up grocery shopping retail shopping gift shopping ordering flowers packing/ unpacking moving…

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    lush hotels

    Oxford is the new Black

    Forget Orange is the new black, Oxford is the new Black, at The Malmaison Hotel Oxford. This converted prison is nestled deep in the old City. If your after an unusual play…

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    AirB&B, The Artists Cotswolds garden Cottage

      This was my first AirB&B stay. I was sceptical when my husband wanted to stay somewhere from there. I just thought it was some hippie fad. People renting out shabby rooms…

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    How to up-do your fire place

    How to up-do your fire place from a sad dark misery into a white stylish feature piece. Brightening not only your room but your wellbeing.  If your lucky enough to have…

  • skincare, luxury
    Beauty Wellness

    My ultimate luxury skincare regime

    As I approach my mid thirties and embark into motherhood Im very conscious of taking care of my skin. As a previous sunbed fanatic (true Essex style!) and years spent working…

  • Bio oil benefits
    Beauty Wellness

    Bio oil benefits

    I was introduced to bio oil by a leading pioneer in the Bikini competition industry. By far, introducing me to Bio oil is a beauty recommendation I have to share!…

  • depression and bulimia
    MILA Wellness

    Depression and Bulimia

    I question myself all the time wether I should be so open about my depression and bulimia. What are the pros and the cons? Strong arguments for both cases in my head…..…